Death Major Arcana Tarot

Death Major Arcana Tarot

Death is the card in the deck that is often misinterpreted. This card in extreme cases in the scenario indicates physical death, it is a symbol of renewal and decisive changes for the adept.

The skeleton is dressed in armor, sits on a horse, holds a banner in his hands, all this symbolizes nothing more than the material shell of a person. The skull of a skeleton indicates human mortality and is a vessel for the storage of the mind. A blossoming bud of the Mystic Rose is woven on the banner of the mysterious rider – symbolizing Life itself and not only on Earth.

The rider sits on a white horse with burning eyes, pointing to physical human desires, they have undergone purification in the furnace of the Spirit. All symbols indicate a person’s achievement, for him the possibilities of a complete inner world and its transformation are opened.

In the background of the main figure of the map you can see the old castle, in its towers you can see the rising Sun, the rays illuminate the dawn sky symbolizing immortality and the birth of a new life.

The kneeling figure of the priest is a symbol of faith in the Higher Mind, the crown under the feet of the horse says that on earth, as well as in heaven, everyone is equal.

A river flows next to the Mystic Horseman, symbolizing with its light waters the metamorphosis of an external reminder of death.

The armor of Death is worn out and blackened from time to time, next to the Mystical Horseman is the figure of a girl dressed in white clothes, a wreath of daisies adorns her head – this figure symbolizes innocence and purity.

Everything on the map speaks of death. But it is only at first glance, looking closely at all the characters, it is clear that there is no fear of Death. Change and hope lie ahead.

In the scenario, the card with the Mythical Horseman speaks of the onset of change, but for change it is necessary to let go of everything old and unnecessary at this stage in the life of the adept. Often this card falls out for pregnant women, because a new life will be born soon, and the life of the expectant mother will change. An exciting and new life awaits a woman, for a mother, after the birth of a child, everything changes once and for all.

Indicates other important undertakings or the completion of important events – admission to a university, job change, birth, marriage or change of residence, moving, possibly to another city, country. This card indicates the end of one life stage in a person’s life. The old gives way to the new.

The key of the card is change, life and nature cycles, the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

Pluto, Hades, Hel divine associations with the map.

Scorpio – astrological associations.

In an inverted position, it indicates serious changes in the life of a fortuneteller, procrastination.

Strengthening and Weakening a card in the Tarot layout

They strengthen the Tower card with their powerful strength and swift impact, 8 of wands indicates the completion of old affairs, 5 of bowls parting and loss, and 8 of bowls with the proximity of the final, speaks of progress and movement forward.

Weakens the Mythical Rider The Fool indicates the beginning of a new stage, the Empress indicates birth, 5 swords indicates renewal, and 7 pentacles whispers that the fortuneteller may discover a find or even a treasure.