Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana Tarot

Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana Tarot

10 card of the Major Arcana, the Wheel indicates perpetual motion in

Universe and the cycle of human lives.

Inside the Wheel of Fortune is a pentagram, light clouds float above it, all this symbolizes the mysteries of magic contained in the cycles of the year. The figures of the Sphinx, Bull, Eagle, Lion Rabbit, dragon symbolize eight covens, elements of the 4th element and seasons. On many decks, the illustration is very different, so I will make a description from the Witching deck, it is she who opens the sacrament of the card.

When considering the Wheel of the Year card of the Witching deck, the pentacle is the personification of the Earth element, the holly branch symbolizes protection and good luck, the sakura branch with pink delicate flowers indicates the spring equinox and nobility, and the oak branch, respectively, the summer solstice. Oak leaves are health, long life, wisdom and virtue. The symbol of fire is a staff of flowering hawthorn. The symbol of autumn is represented by orange carved maple leaves and acorns. Maple symbolizes energy, beauty, elegance. Acorns wisdom and prosperity. Identifies the element of Water goblet. The sword symbolizes one of the elements Air.

In the layout, the card is a reminder that a person needs to obey the natural rhythms of Mother Earth. The winter period is a time for rest and analysis of the path traveled, spring time – to wake up from hibernation, a time for new things, an ideal time for growth, summer – energy, a time for new achievements, impressions. Autumn is a time of harvesting a generous harvest, gifts of nature, a new mood, memories and preparation. Life will give new opportunities for change and development. Everything changes in this life and for the fortuneteller it is time to change everything in his life, because the Wheel of Fortune means good luck and a series of happy opportunities and accidents.

The key of the card is LUCK.

Jupiter divinely accompanies the chart.

Astrology – Fortune.

The inverted position of the Wheel of Fortune indicates a period of bad luck, seasonal depression.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

Strengthen the Wheel of the Year 4 of wands with the possibility of change, 6 of wands indicates that it is necessary to develop, 8 of staves whispers about rapid movement and rapid development, 8 of swords is the fortuneteller’s desire for action.

Weaken 4 of Pentacles indicating that a person does not want to move forward, is stuck in place, blocks and does not accept change, 4 of swords suggests that it is necessary to take a break or that a person is not in a hurry to change, that either in his life, stagnation. 2 swords warns that a person is at an impasse, the hopelessness of the situation exhausts him. The 7 of Pentacles suggests that you need to analyze the situation and only then change the direction in your actions.