The Lovers Major Arcana Tarot

The sixth card of the Major Arcana Lovers is a symbol of human eternal love, because it is she who is an integral and integral part of earthly life.

The courageous figure of Adam symbolizes the consciousness of the mind, the fragile female figure is a symbol of the subconscious, intuition, instinct and emotional state of the essence of humanity.

In many decks, the Lovers are depicted without elements of robes, which symbolizes the purity of the relationship, the nudity of the Lovers themselves. But those decks on which a luxurious dress covers the nakedness of a female figure, its delicate pink color symbolizes love, tenderness, happy emotions and a romantic mood. The male figure dressed in a yellow tunic speaks of intelligence. At the feet of a couple in love, blossoming buds of hyacinths and daffodils are attributed to these flowers with magical properties, and they personify nobility and the birth of new love.

The Tree of Life is behind the back of the male figure, the branches of the tree weigh twelve fruits, but the tree behind the female figure is a symbol of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

Above the figures of lovers, the winged mythical creature Archangel Raphael raises his hands, thus he gives the characters health, healing and leads to harmony on a thorny path. In some Tarot decks, the figure of the Archangel is missing, and the female figure is presented with angel wings, this does not change the emotional meaning. Regardless of which deck you like, they equally carry the semantic significance of ancient knowledge.

Three characters on the card Archangel Raphael, a man and a woman are a symbol of the trinity of human nature.

Lovers are the right conscious choice and romance, an illustration of harmony and the attraction of opposites.

In the layout, the Lovers card speaks of new choices and happy relationships, an illustration of fate, romance, love, longing and attraction. An angel on the map – plays the role of a protector of a pair of lovers, his image symbolizes human destiny, our future depends on the choice of any of us. The angel, as it were, asks the fortuneteller to make a deliberate, meaningful choice in his life.

The keywords of Lovers in a reading are romance, beauty, sexual relationships, decision making, and connection. The choice made by the fortuneteller will affect his future. But remember that love is also healing.

Lovers are astrologically associated with Gemini.

The card in an inverted position indicates the fortuneteller’s problems in relationships or the wrong choice, sudden marriage, health problems, quarrels and quarrels. The couple ignores the problems that have arisen.

Strengthening and Weakening the map

The Empress strengthens the Lovers with her indefatigable vital earthly energy, the nine of cups with her sexual pleasure, the ten of pentacles means long-term family ties, and the two of cups is the right choice of connection, union and marriage. All this indicates that everything will be fine in the life of the fortuneteller in the future, he made the right decision in his choice and expects a couple of happy family union.

The three of swords weaken the Lovers by alienation and alienation of the couple from each other, the Hermit by remoteness, isolation and a decrease in sexual desire in a couple, the five of cups speaks of the collapse of relationships, divorce. The sage says that in a couple, someone demands independence and does not listen to the desires of their soul mate at all.