The Hierophant Major Arcana

The Hierophant Major Arcana Tarot

The Hierophant is the 5th card of the Major Arcana. This character is a symbol of traditional knowledge that a person needs to comprehend. When examining the map, a red-orange vestment is striking, which symbolizes earthly goods and, of course, the material dependence of any person on them. The head is decorated with a crown in the hands of a scepter – these are attributes of the unconditional power over people of the spiritual guru, which is the Hierophant for people.

Two keys at the feet of the character of the 5th card of the Major Arcana are crossed, the first key is a symbol of the external manifestations of earthly life, the second is an orthodox esoteric doctrine.

Two ministers of the church knelt before the spiritual authority. The surplice of one of the kneeling monks is decorated with lilies, which symbolize the spiritual idyll. The robe of the other is decorated with roses, which symbolize love for humanity.

The Hierophant is an elderly character. On the chest of the Sage is a silver medallion in the form of a pentagram, which symbolizes ancient knowledge, magical power and personal protection. The balance of the physical and spiritual worlds emanates from the High Priest.

In the scenario, the Sage talks about the questions that have arisen, to which the fortuneteller must find answers from lawyers or seek advice from a wise person from his environment. In some situations, the Sage suggests that the one who turned to the Tarot for help should undergo advanced training or continue their studies. It should be borne in mind that this Tarot figure is the personification of a wise and patient old man, teacher, adviser, like any wise person, he will not give ready-made answers to the questions posed. He will prompt and direct, will make it clear where the fortuneteller should find the truth. Having handed over the keys, he will help open the necessary locks, opening the doors will reveal secrets and the person will receive the necessary answer or information. But the whole path must be passed on your own, thanks to the lessons that the Sage carefully taught.

The key words in the layout are for the fortuneteller the emergence of legal cases and the need to solve them. Deepening knowledge to reveal truths. Comprehension of magical knowledge and the sacraments of mastery, as well as the maintenance of age-old traditions.

The Hierophant is associated with the astrological sign Taurus.

In an inverted position, the Sage card means for a fortuneteller receiving incorrect and unreliable advice, making mistakes or rash steps in solving. In some situations, it means that a person shifts responsibility to other people for making important, and not very, decisions.

Strengthening and Weakening of the Hierophant card

Weakens the Hierophant Lovers of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. A fool with his carelessness, the seven of swords indicates the path to the abyss, the two of wands with confrontation and disputes.

Strengthen the High Priest Emperor with their throne of Reason, tireless vitality and following the rules. The Eight of Pentacles is the desire for study and research, the Three of Pentacles is the experience of working in a team, the Three of Cups is victory, promotion, success in any endeavor.