The Moon Major Arcana Tarot

The Moon Major Arcana Tarot

The seventeenth card of the Major Arcana Moon is a symbol of deep instincts, a vivid picture of self-deception and illusions. After all, believing Darwin, the roots of mankind are in the animal kingdom. Wildlife is fascinating and alarming. The two towers indicate the subconscious and the conscious mind. A path running into the distance, the path along it leads to the unknown and mystical, psychic and astral forces are fraught with a threat.

The wolf and the dog are a symbol of wild and tamed animal nature, a symbol of reason and fear.

Crayfish comes out of the water onto land, symbolizing the exit from the sea waves of mankind.

Rocks are visible in the distance, symbolizing mineral life.

Grass, blooming flowers are a symbol of the world of plants.

The Universal Mind looks at this whole picture of earthly life, falling drops of sparkling dew, falling down the thoughts of the Universe sent down to the Blue Planet. This speaks of the proclamation of rest, peace for all living things.

The positive value of the card in the upright position indicates the creative potential of the adept, literary and acting creativity. This may speak of the talent of a person, his ability to work with illusions and the entertainment industry. Perhaps the fortuneteller is going on a trip. Changes come, imagination develops, dreams come true, extraordinary abilities open up. But do not blindly believe the moon, as the great Shakespeare said, “Oh, do not swear by the moon, the fickle moon, every month it changes its orbit.” You need to believe in yourself and your strengths.

The key of the card is intuition, the protective magic of the waning moon, the experience and wisdom that a person has accumulated over the years. It may indicate that a person opens psychic abilities due to events that occurred in the past and will determine the present for the adept.

Hekate, Hekate Grass accompany the Moon card with their divine power.

Astrologically, the Moon is associated with the constellation Pisces.

The reversed position of the Moon indicates anxieties and fears, fraud, deceit and confusion.

Strengthening the Moon card

Strengthen the Moon card 2 and 8 swords with self-deception and lack of brightness, 6 wands indicate the chosen false path by the adept, 7 cups for unrealistic ideas and illusions and fantasies.