The Star Major Arcana Tarot

The Star Major Arcana Tarot

The sixteenth card of the Major Arcana Goddess Star is the central figure of the card, a symbol of hope, rebirth, creative upsurge, appeasement. Naked Star chastity, purity, eternal beauty and youth.

One foot of the Star is on land, the other in water, holding vessels of the Water of Life in her hands, from which she generously bestows life-giving moisture on land and water bodies.

An eight-pointed star shines above the head of the Goddess, symbolizing Venus, next to it in the sky it is surrounded by seven stars, they symbolize the fulfillment of desires, you just need to follow your dreams. The card tells the adept to follow their guiding star.

The stars in a wreath surrounding the eight-pointed star of Venus symbolize the chakras, it is to these centers of astral energy that the efforts of meditators are directed.

Flowers blossomed at the feet of the Star, symbolizing love and hope.

The star speaks of the process of meditation, during which the subconscious is immersed in the reservoir of the subconscious of the Universe.

The Devil card weakens with its unbelief and hopelessness, the Tower with chaos, the Moon comes confusion, and this leads to uncertainty, 9 swords with its rage leads to the fact that a person feels guilty where he is not guilty.

Strengthen the Star of the Empress with their boundless love and solidity, the Fool with trust, naivety and faith in themselves and others, 6 and 10 cups with positive emotions, joy and good will.

In the correct position, the Star speaks of serenity, hope for bright changes, an inverted position indicates impotence and the collapse of a person’s hopes.

The star is accompanied by its divine support Isis, Venus, Thor, Ishtar, Nut.

Aquarius astrological association.