The Sun Major Arcana Tarot

The Sun Major Arcana Tarot

The nineteenth card of the Major Arcana symbolizes spiritual rebirth. This is one of the bright and positive cards of the Tarot deck, indicating success, fulfillment, transformation and rebirth.

The luminary warms the Earth with its rays, which are a symbol of consciousness, intuition and the power of the subconscious. All this indicates the formation of a spiritual personality in the scenario. A child on a white horse is further evidence of this. The white horse symbolizes the purification of sensual aspirations. The card says that they are subject to the will of the child.

The child holds a scarlet banner in his hands, a crown adorns his head, they symbolize the victory and the beginning of the revival of the person who is dealt with.

In the background, sunflowers turned their flowering heads towards the luminary and the child, which indicates the independence of the adept, self-reliance and the achievement of mastery. The child bestows his youthful energy, which is so necessary for growth and success. All together, the picture says that now there are no blind fences, the boundaries of the spirit are opening.

The white horse symbolizes the unimpeded movement forward to success and recognition. In mythology, a white horse indicates illumination, flowering, light and life. All figures are a child, a horse, sunflowers are classic symbols of the Luminary.

The sun can be called a lucky card indicates in the layout the triumph and flowering of the powers of the adept. Symbol of the solstice and summer equinox. When looking at the map, one feels the magical power of the sun. It can be said with confidence that a wonderful and happy change awaits a person, strengthening both vitality and energy. It’s time for celebration and magical events. Everything suggests that a person becomes the master of the situation, you just need to hold on tighter in the saddle and not miss this happy moment and prolong the celebration.

The key of the card is under the magical influence of the sun, happy and good changes are expected, the time has come for the triumph of good over evil. Joy, growth, happiness and glory are expected. Time for creative self-expression, increased wealth, excellent health, enrichment, marriage, children. You can continue this list indefinitely, because the power of the Luminary gives only positive moments and the opportunity to fulfill even your cherished desire. But in order to extend the wonderful time, it is necessary not to stop there. You should continue to develop thinking talent, grow spiritually and continue to work, etc.

Apollo Helios Sunna and the Child of the Sun illuminate the map of the Sun with their divine power.

Sun astrological association.

Strengthening and weakening the card

The direct position of the card means that the time has come for success, happiness, celebration, hope and health. For students, it means that all exams will be passed, and you can literally interpret the meaning – vacation, trip, rest.

Reversed, the card indicates partial success or he is a little late. In principle, the same – the same as the direct position of the card, but a slightly reduced value.

Since the card is a symbol of light, warmth and hope, the inverted position suggests that you need to work a little and the person will achieve what he wants.

Weakens the Sun Moon with its illusion, 6 swords with lethargy, 5 pentacles and 8 cups with overwork and fatigue.