Judgement Major Arcana Tarot

Judgement Major Arcana Tarot

The twentieth card Judgment appears Archangel Gabriel trumpeted and personifies the Power of the Lord, calls souls to the Last Judgment. The sound of his trumpet certainly appeals to unenlightened souls. It can be seen that the awakened ones were seized with delight and amazement, the souls of the three figures depicted on the map are ready for transformation.

The figures of a man, a woman and a child are surrounded by the world ocean, this episode points to the vast world of the subconscious mind of the Universe. He is ready to absorb the human subconscious, this is symbolized by the figure of a woman, the conscious mind symbolizes a man, the spiritual hypostasis of humanity is represented by the figure of a child. The power of the subconscious increases and prevails over the mind and consciousness, thereby attracting souls to the Divine Spiritual Force. For it is after passing through this crucible that purification and transfiguration take place.

The whole picture of the card states that there are no accidents in life. It is necessary to appreciate all the moments of your life, use spiritual forces and enjoy everything that happens. Everything goes on as usual, the adept must act consciously, make positive changes. You need to look back and ask yourself what lessons have been learned. Only in this way does man acquire wisdom step by step.

The key card is renewal, fate, reflection on one’s past and acceptance of the results of the past, renewal and positive life changes and the future.

God Horus and planet Pluto divine and astrological association.

The direct position of the card in the layout indicates that a person is facing an important decision, which will lead to a change in his life. If there was a question about health, then the card indicates recovery. The question of litigation – all legal issues will be taken out in favor of the fortuneteller.

The reversed position of the card indicates a wrong decision and regret.

Strengthening and weakening the card

Strengthens the card with its meaning in the Fool layout with its rebirth, Justice indicates that the adept has made a decision and realized the mistakes of the past, 7 and 8 of Pentacles, the time for decision-making and its fatefulness.

Weaken the Death card in the literal and figurative sense of the word, 8 of wands indicates that the adept feels remorse, 9 swords with a sense of sinfulness and accusations, 5 cups with regret for the mistake made.