The Tower Major Arcana Tarot

The Tower Major Arcana Tarot

The sixteenth card of the Major Arcana speaks of the collapse of the arrogant intellect, which, due to its ignorance, encroached on the undeserved mastery of the Secret Knowledge. Looking at the map, one can see how dramatic events are developing, changing the plans of people and exposing the Tower is illuminated by a flame, which symbolizes both the enlightenment of consciousness and the Divine Will. A bolt of lightning hits the tower, rips off the crown from its spark, and a purifying fire ignites. Flying two figures from the top of the tower upside down indicates that these people could not, and are unable to control the current situation.

A stormy gloomy sky hangs over the Tower itself, erected on a rock, indicates the ambitions of people, a flying golden crown adorned with bloody rubies is the personification of the ego. In magical rituals, the ruby ​​stone activates the intellect. The lightning arrow means the moment of truth, because sooner or later the light will illuminate all the secret corners of the human consciousness and mind. Scattering stones of the Tower indicate that the accumulated negative energy breaks out. The moment comes for a reassessment of values ​​and the road for change opens. In the layout, the card states that a person is being forced out of personal space, comfortable and cozy, he faces the consequences.

The tower symbolizes arrogance and faith in the superiority of the fortuneteller that he deserves the wrath of the Lord. However, having flown down, there is an opportunity to go through the path of enlightenment, a new perspective will open in a person’s life. But it should be remembered that when climbing, it is necessary to treat people with respect, because going down you can meet them on your way.

The key of the card indicates that all the secrets have been revealed, the person has received a blow to his ego. Exciting changes are coming in the life of the adept and the situation is close to the denouement, the blocks of spirituality are being destroyed.

Zeus, Thor and Mark accompany the map.

Mars astrological association with the card of the Tower.

In an inverted position means defeat, disappointment sets in, injuries are possible.

Strengthening and Weakening Tarot Cards in the layout

They strengthen the Sun Tower with their insight, Death with the power of strength, 5 of pentacles with the advent of difficult times in the life of an adept, 9 of pentacles with the accumulated heap of problems.

The 15th card of the Tarot deck is weakened. The Chariot speaks of control over the situation, the Star claims that the person is calm and in a serene state, Moderation prompts the person’s actions with content in dealing with the situation, 5 of wands approves some of the actions of the adept.