Devil Major Arcana Tarot

Devil Major Arcana Tarot

The fifteenth card of the Major Arcana, looking at this card, frost runs through, this is another dark symbolism of the Tarot deck, its black coloring reflects the horror of everything unknown and mythical.

The very figure of the Devil symbolizes the terrible and distorted face of reality, this is how judgments according to external signs appear to us.

The figures of a man sit at the Devil’s feet, and the woman’s blunt appearance symbolizes narrowness and ignorance. They are chained, because of their ignorance they do not even suspect and do not notice these chains on their feet.

Above the brow of the Devil with outstretched dark wings, an inverted star indicates a perverted human consciousness, preoccupation with worldly and material things, and does not aspire to the Almighty at all. Spirituality is completely absent, goodness is absent.

The head of the Devil is decorated with horns – this sign of Capricorn directly indicates secret fears, they become the trigger mechanism that influences the deeds and actions of people. Instead of looking directly into the face of fears and not allowing the situation, people are upset and frightened, often inventing their own fears, cultivating them in their minds. You just need to look honestly in the face of your enemy and learn to fight back with dignity and honor. Only such actions will allow you to defeat all opponents who challenged.

In the scenario, the Dark Side makes it clear that the adept allows the situation or some people to control. These may be dishonest and unscrupulous employees who skillfully knit the lace of intrigue. The leader whom the fortuneteller cannot please in any way. The card may indicate newly appeared relatives who are like fiends. This indicates that some situations, like a splinter on the body, people have invaded personal space and spoil not only the day, but often the life of the person they are guessing at. Why? Yes, because he allows it. You just need to make an effort, and break these chains to come into the light from the shadows. It is necessary for a person to gain strength and free from these fetters. The adept must know the shadow side of his “I” boldly look at his fears, face fears in the face, stop trembling like a hare’s tail. You have to work on yourself and gain the courage to start respecting yourself and make others respect you. “Love yourself” is probably the motto of this card.

The key of the card is to overcome your fears, not to let others control your emotions.

Veles (Volos), the Horned God, Pan are the gods who control the map.

Capricorn is the astrological association of the Devil.

The inverted position of the Shadow Side speaks of the fortuneteller’s illusion, oppression, fraud and deceit, which for some reason the adept does not notice.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

Weaken the Devil Fool with his gaining faith, the Star gives the strength of faith, hope and optimism, 10 cups with his joy of life, blessing and peace, 4 staffs with liberation and the ability to solve the situation.

Strengthen the map of the Shadow side of 8 and 9 swords, one with limitedness, the second with despair and lack of joy in a person’s life due to his oppressed state. 2 of Pentacles indicates that the fortuneteller is depressed.