Justice Major Arcana Tarot

Justice is the 9th card of the Major Arcana, its throne stands between 2 columns. It was the Greek goddess Themis who turned her stern, thoughtful and intent gaze, the columns carved at the throne of Mercy and Severe and Strict Retribution. Correspond to the 2nd pillars of the cabalistic Tree of Life. In the middle of the Justice card, the figure on the throne animates the Greek goddess Themis, because it is she who is allowed to judge a person for his deeds over the centuries.

The attributes of fair justice are held by Themis, in one hand a sword sharpened on both sides and scales. Thanks to them, Themis judges and weighs on the scales all the arguments of the defense and the prosecution, her sword punishes all the guilty. Everything indicates that spiritual justice is done according to the mystical ancient and eternal order of Justice. This reveals to the fortuneteller the possibility of knowing the idea, saying that life manifests itself by clear service to the Spirit.

The eyes of Themis are the eyes of the Universe, its laws are proclaimed, sent down by the Cosmos, they are true and impartial. The judgments of the universe have been rendered and will bear the test of time.

The justice card speaks of balance, fairness and balance. For the fortuneteller, the time has come for weighing and evaluating actions. Themis is associated with cards with cards of Fate, indicating that in the fate of a person everything goes on as usual, and the High Priestess, like Justice, are neutral forces.

In the scenario, it means that you need to think about what caused the imbalance in life, to think about what kind of justice the adept is looking for. Indicate the map can directly indicate the resolution of legal issues and a possible trial. However, she speaks of fair and fair play, balance and harmony. The fortuneteller needs to trust fate, and the gods will, administer an honest and fair trial.

The key is legal issues. Trial, fair trial and outcome. Directness and equality.

Themis, Maat, Athena, it is with these goddesses that the card of Justice is associated.

Libra respectively astrological associations.

An inverted card indicates bias and delay in business, bias and an unfair ending, refusal.

Strengthening and Weakening of the card in the layout

Strengthen Justice 7 of Pentacles, analyzing the present to take the right path for the future, 10 wands of reliability and acceptance by the adept of responsibility, the Emperor is a fair settlement, and the Judgment is the recognition of past mistakes and deeds, determination.

Weaken Justice 3 staves, indicating the ill-conceivedness of all the actions of the adept, 5 swords for foul play, 2 swords for hiding the truth and denying involvement in something, 7 swords for evading responsibility.